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Social Distanced teaching

I wrote recently about the challenges of post-confinement teaching and promised you some ideas. They’ve taken a while coming, things haven’t been easy, as you’ve probably guessed; no handouts, no group or pair work (without students yelling at each other … Continue reading

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An active way of looking at the passive

In class this week the 3èmes had the “pleasure” of tasting some yummy English sauces, after looking at some specific vocab (molasses, cauliflower, yeast, etc) they completed a worksheet saying what they thought the sauce was made of and more … Continue reading

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A workshop review – Marie Delaney: Dyslexia – a problem or a gift?

Despite having given my own workshop on dyslexia I was keen to here what others had to say on the subject as I am far from an expert on the subject, in fact the more I study dyslexia and other learning … Continue reading

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In defence of vocab lists

Gosh, what a brave title, I can hear you all hissing from here. Before you actually start spitting at your screen, hear me out. Yes, I would love my students to learn English through communication activities and masses of comprehensible … Continue reading

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New Year’s resolutions

It’s that time of year again, and the advantage of having a blog is that I can look back and realise how badly I failed keeping last year’s. The thing is by now I know exactly what I should be … Continue reading

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Field trips for the EFL classroom

Do you ever take your class out? It’s not always easy or even possible, but if you can manage it then it’s a great experience for both the students and yourself. 1. A change is as good as a break … Continue reading

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How do you stay healthy & fit for work?

In the holidays we don’t need to think quite so much about how to stay well enough to go to work, but with the frequent back pain, not to mention all the germs we mix with all day at school, … Continue reading

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Phonology Fear

  I’ve always had a real phonology phobia and avoided using it in class. In fact, apart from the odd bit of repetition/drilling I don’t teach much pronunciation at all to be honest. I’ve always thought, that given enough opportunity … Continue reading

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Using #myipad in the classroom.

@ICTEvangelist got me thinking about this article after I followed his hashtag #mypad. @ICTEvangelist bitsboard fantastic app for vocab acquisition & revision #myipad — Fab Englishteacher (@fabenglishteach) December 16, 2013 I got my mini ipad earlier this year, after resisting … Continue reading

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What’s in your bag?

I was proud to see my bag made it into this TES article. Who would have thought that such a disorganised mess would have interested anyone?! I found it fascinating reading about everyone else’s bags though. What’s in yours? Do you … Continue reading

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