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Writing your Conference Proposal

A lot has been said about this before, here for example, and elsewhere on this blog, for example here, however here are some more personal thoughts on the subject. Think about what you want to do Go for a walk somewhere nice and have … Continue reading

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To run far, run together

Today has been a wonderful day, the biggest news is OUR BABY HAS ARRIVED!! I’m soooo proud of this journal, especially the special supplement “Teaching English to Teens” that I helped to put together. Not only did I get to … Continue reading

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A letter to my #youngerteacherself

A while ago I read Joanna Malefaki’s letter to my younger teacher self and she’s just asked me to write mine (thanks Jo, great idea!) so here goes: Dear Rachael, Congratulations! You’ve just got yourself the best career in the world, maybe … Continue reading

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An ode to apps

I have this fantastic class on a Monday and Tuesday afternoon; the AEP (Advanced English Programme), or the “anglophones” are they are known to the rest of the school. This is when all the native English speakers, the kids whose … Continue reading

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Activating Language

Another quick idea on how to literally warm up students’ language, simply give them a pen each and create a wordmap:   

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