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At the start of the school year I set up the #3bestbits challenge at school, so let me tell you what it is and how it’s going. The principle is very simple, we know writing a gratitude diary is the … Continue reading

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Write a Letter!

One of the ideas I suggested in my presentation “30 things to do with a piece of paper” was to write a letter. This week the 6ème have been studying London and the Royal family, they had so many questions about … Continue reading

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What I learnt from reading Marie Delaney’s “Special Educational Needs”

An unexpected day off work was recently the perfect opportunity to make a dint in my reading pile and so I polished off Marie Delaney’s Special Educational Needs. A great, well –organised book for any teacher who has students with … Continue reading

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What I’ve learnt from my teachers

The wonderful @stephanootis has recently posted on “Would I like to be taught by me?” – a very interesting question. She goes on to mention what she’s learnt from her Pilates teacher, so here’s what I’ve learnt from teachers who … Continue reading

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The Feel-Good factor in the language classroom.

It’s quite scary learning a foreign language. Communication is a big part of who we are, and being able to express ourselves “correctly” is seen as a sign of maturity and intelligence by many people and in many places. It’s … Continue reading

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