Write a Letter!

One of the ideas I suggested in my presentation “30 things to do with a piece of paper” was to write a letter.

This week the 6ème have been studying London and the Royal family, they had so many questions about the queen (most of which I couldn’t answer!) that we decided to write her a letter to ask her some of them directly.

After brainstorming questions with a partner, we put them all on the board;IMG_3965.JPG

then we chose the best ones. To avoid our letter sounding like an interrogation, the students wrote their own answers to the questions, e.g. “We speak French at school, but also German, Italian, Spanish, and Russian, what languages do you speak?”

I then wrote up the letter and the students signed it;


We hope she answers us!

You can of course write to any famous person, lots have fan clubs. The most famous person of all – Santa Claus, usually has an address in most countries and will reply with a standard letter if you write to him, in France for example it’s through the post office service.


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2 Responses to Write a Letter!

  1. Giulia says:

    What a great idea! I think I’ll steal it for my YL class… 🙂

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