At the start of the school year I set up the #3bestbits challenge at school, so let me tell you what it is and how it’s going.

The principle is very simple, we know writing a gratitude diary is the secret to happiness, my students also know they should be practising English regularly out of school so I decided to join the two together. Basically the students choose their means of communication, most seem to have gone for instagram messaging, some have gone public and a couple mail me (I even have some who give me a sheet of paper once a week!) and they note down the three best events of the day and add a photo if they want.

I’ve been doing it too of course (lead by example) and even though it’s been tough to find three good bits every day in what has been a pretty tough month, I’ve enjoyed the challenge.

The Three Best Bits about this challenge are:

  1. A chance to interact with my students in a more informal way
  2. The opportunity to learn new things about my students
  3. The best bit has definitely been a few students who have taken to doing this every day – and not the students that I expected to, i.e. the good girls on the front row! I think the private nature of messaging has struck a chord as has being able to choose the medium that suits them

So as I know you are all wondering my 3bestbits today were :

  1. Tea with my sister-in-law (see photo)
  2. Grey’s anatomy is back!
  3. Going for a run

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