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How to deal with a long reading comprehension

With my 6emes (many of whom began learning English in September) we have recently started looking at long, scary texts. When the pupils first see the texts they are… well, scared. Before we look at the questions I get the … Continue reading

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7 Reasons why your students should take an EFL exam

It’s been a busy couple of weeks here. Firstly we had our lovely Cambridge examiners team in to do the Cambridge Young Learners tests with some of our pupils. Then on Monday the wonderful Silvie came to test others for the Trinity GESE exams. … Continue reading

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Revising vocabulary -a speaking activity

I often struggle to find new and interesting ways to revise vocabulary, so I was pleased when this activity went well in class today. After having learnt some beach vocabulary in the previous class, today I showed the class the … Continue reading

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Field trips for the EFL classroom

Do you ever take your class out? It’s not always easy or even possible, but if you can manage it then it’s a great experience for both the students and yourself. 1. A change is as good as a break … Continue reading

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