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10 things to do when you finish the coursebook

I don’t want to rub it in but we have less than two months of school left and that time is filled with school trips, bank holidays, exams etc. This means we’re arriving at the time when we get to … Continue reading

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A fishy story

I had a last minute replacement this week, so armed with my trusty board pen I entered the arena and… Firstly we had a good laugh drawing our picture to elicit vocabulary on the theme I’d chosen, in case you’re … Continue reading

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An active way of looking at the passive

In class this week the 3èmes had the “pleasure” of tasting some yummy English sauces, after looking at some specific vocab (molasses, cauliflower, yeast, etc) they completed a worksheet saying what they thought the sauce was made of and more … Continue reading

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How to use Storytelling in the classroom

Once upon a time there was a group of teachers who were wary of using authentic story books in the classroom. They complained about everything. To start with, they said the vocabulary wasn’t of the bland, pre-packaged variety found in ELT books, … Continue reading

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What is it? Where is it?

A fun activity to break the ice at the beginning of term and revise directions and prepositions of place. I went to the local park a couple of days ago and took some interesting photos: The students got into groups … Continue reading

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Field trips for the EFL classroom

Do you ever take your class out? It’s not always easy or even possible, but if you can manage it then it’s a great experience for both the students and yourself. 1. A change is as good as a break … Continue reading

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An idea to help question formation and an interesting site

I know grammar is a dirty word, but in the Swiss secondary school system it’s difficult to avoid, so after the bare minimum I encourage my students to talk to each other as much as possible. It seems that most … Continue reading

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The classroom is not the matrix

I read all these articles and posts about how the classroom is not an authentic place and I can’t help thinking that my students, as secondary school pupils spend about seven hours a day in a classroom, you can’t get … Continue reading

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Take your students on a tour of the white house

In our coursebook we have a reading comprehension on the White house. While vaguely interesting, to me more than my 12 year-old pupils, it is a bit flat to say the least. So this time I wizzed up the class … Continue reading

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Fab idea #2

  For those days you just want to play games or when you don’t want to start something new at the end of a lesson;  just write some ideas on post-its, laminate them (everything looks better when laminated) and put … Continue reading

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