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It makes me mad when…

I spend (relatively) ages thinking of a fun way to introduce the passive and my pupils just won’t play ball. For some reason my pupils always seem to find the passive challenging ( answers on a postcard please), even though … Continue reading

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Is thinking working?

It’s the first lesson back after the holidays, 8:15 – 9:05a.m. It’s the troisième – 20 odd fifteen year olds. As anticipated a quarter of them were absent. Not wanting to spend the whole lesson writing ( -we only have … Continue reading

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App of the week #1

This week’s apps are about image, after all a lot of my pupils think that’s what counts. First, Sketch; as its name suggests it turn your photos into sketches. Phoster is a poster-creation app, fantastic as I love putting up … Continue reading

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Fab idea #1

I’m presently reading the fantastic Oops! by Hywel Roberts ( I wasn’t surprised to see the amazing Ian Gilbert in there somewhere). I love reading books like this, they fill me with positive feelings about my job and leave me bubbling with great ideas … Continue reading

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I’ve stumbled across this hashtag recently and it seems a great way of writing down what I, and probably all of us, have been thinking about at this time of year. As far as I can see, it goes like … Continue reading

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Phonology Fear

  I’ve always had a real phonology phobia and avoided using it in class. In fact, apart from the odd bit of repetition/drilling I don’t teach much pronunciation at all to be honest. I’ve always thought, that given enough opportunity … Continue reading

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What went wrong with this lesson?

A very interesting lesson today for the 3ème class (average age 14/15). I introduced the next activity, a dictation and then played them the text that was on the course book CD. It was tough, and fast. After a couple of … Continue reading

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