App of the week #1

This week’s apps are about image, after all a lot of my pupils think that’s what counts.

First, Sketch;

Image (1)

as its name suggests it turn your photos into sketches.

Phoster is a poster-creation app, fantastic as I love putting up posters to motivate my pupils. I don’t have my own room so I squat any spare wall space I find, including corridors and dining hall.

The problem with displays is that after a few days we become blind to them, so I’m looking forward to regularly producing new ones with this app, and more to the point – getting pupils to do it for me!

Image (3)

Text on photos is fun too, now I just have to take some arresting images to grab their attention;

Image (5)

I’ve had great fun messing about with Light Effects too;

Image (7)

So playing about is the first step, now to use them  in class. The phoster poster will be up to advertise this week’s Friday classes. The Music Matters will keep the 3èmes (year 10) focused on this week’s theme.

I just need to find something to do with the shooting stars!




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