Fab idea #1

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I’m presently reading the fantastic Oops! by Hywel Roberts ( I wasn’t surprised to see the amazing Ian Gilbert in there somewhere).

I love reading books like this, they fill me with positive feelings about my job and leave me bubbling with great ideas to try out…

…which after time I forget about.

I’ve tried noting them down, in fact I’ve got a notebook full of buzzing ideas to make my classes fizz, but the time it takes to wade through this notebook (once I’ve found it among all the other papers) means far too many of these brainwaves are just bobbing away on the horizon and not doing their job in my classroom.

This is where Fab idea #1 comes in.

As you can see in the photo above I have a weekly diary/schedule thing where I note down everything done in each class, (including who was absent – don’t try the “I was away when we did that Miss” with me,) and this year I’m writing a buzz idea in the corner where I will see it a million times at least each week.

The plan is that I’ll be able to use it in at least one class during the week, if I use it and it works it will find a slot in my brain, the pupils’ brains, my lesson plans, or at least somewhere.

How do you store all the ideas you come across?




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6 Responses to Fab idea #1

  1. annaloualton says:

    Great idea- I write notes on my phone butoften forget to use and embed

    • I first note them in a notebook, but then never/rarely look back at it! Had great fun rereading it today though and placing them randomly in next year’s schedule!

  2. Love this! such a shame I’m now retired but still busy with a diary so will still be able to use it!

  3. Me again!
    Just wondered if you have caught up with 100 word Challenge 100wc.net It maybe something you could use with prim & secondary. It is having a huge impact on writing & you could look to just commenting. Do get in touch if you think it would be useful.

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