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What a classy cocktail party! -Teaching exclamations

This week my class had been studying exclamations. I always find it a little artificial to teach phrases such as: “How beautiful she is!” “What on earth is that?” when I haven’t met anyone who speaks like that in the … Continue reading

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My TESOL FRANCE workshop –: L1 – How to avoid it and ways of using it in the language classroom.

According to Thornbury “ no other single issue in the history of language teaching has polarized opinion as much as the question of mother tongue use” (Big Questions in ELT, 2003) History: Ever since the Grammar Translation method fell out … Continue reading

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Workshop Review : Sophie Handy – Top Tips For Teens

In the first part of her talk at TESOL France this weekend Sophie described common factors of the various stages of “teenagerdom”: 11-13 girl/boy gulf teacher approval still strong influence world seen in black or white new school =new challenges … Continue reading

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Review- Carol Read’s Plenary: Reflections on how to become a highly efficient teacher

Carol gave this fantastic plenary at TESOL France this weekend. She started her plenary with the story of a woman who, furious that her plumber had charged her £50 for tapping on a pipe, asked for a detailed invoice… INVOICE – … Continue reading

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Workshop Review -Esra Girgin Gümüstekin – Teach Empowered

One of a series of workshops I saw this weekend at TESOL France. Billed “to kick boredom out of the classroom” and “to motivate students to internalize the language” Esra showed us loads of fun activities, and woke us all … Continue reading

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What I learnt today: Engaging Young learners with Content, Language & Learning Skills

Today I went to a workshop led by Jane Maria Harding da Rosa who blogs at When she said we learn by teaching, I knew she was talking to me! So here are some of the things I learnt today: … Continue reading

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A webinar review : Herbert Puchta – Motivating Teens through activating their brain’s own reward

Today I watched Puchta’s webinar on the Cambridge English teacher site, if you aren’t already a member of this excellent organisation the I would advise you to join it, they have courses, webinars and advice from experts in various fields including … Continue reading

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