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I’ve stumbled across this hashtag recently and it seems a great way of writing down what I, and probably all of us, have been thinking about at this time of year. As far as I can see, it goes like … Continue reading

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Professional Development for Language Teachers – A book review

As part of my reading list for my M.A. TESOL I have just finished reading this book. I found it an interesting and thought provoking read. The book is split into 12 chapters, including workshops, self-monitoring,keeping a teaching journal, peer … Continue reading

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How do you stay healthy & fit for work?

In the holidays we don’t need to think quite so much about how to stay well enough to go to work, but with the frequent back pain, not to mention all the germs we mix with all day at school, … Continue reading

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Phonology Fear

  I’ve always had a real phonology phobia and avoided using it in class. In fact, apart from the odd bit of repetition/drilling I don’t teach much pronunciation at all to be honest. I’ve always thought, that given enough opportunity … Continue reading

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Using #myipad in the classroom.

@ICTEvangelist got me thinking about this article after I followed his hashtag #mypad. @ICTEvangelist bitsboard fantastic app for vocab acquisition & revision #myipad — Fab Englishteacher (@fabenglishteach) December 16, 2013 I got my mini ipad earlier this year, after resisting … Continue reading

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What’s in your bag?

I was proud to see my bag made it into this TES article. Who would have thought that such a disorganised mess would have interested anyone?! I found it fascinating reading about everyone else’s bags though. What’s in yours? Do you … Continue reading

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What went wrong with this lesson?

A very interesting lesson today for the 3ème class (average age 14/15). I introduced the next activity, a dictation and then played them the text that was on the course book CD. It was tough, and fast. After a couple of … Continue reading

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Sweets & Jokers – how to blatantly bribe your students.

We have just reached the end of the first term, this means many things. End of term exams, reports, frayed tempers and tears (and that’s just the staffroom!). It also means sweeties!! After a few years dithering about “forgotten” homework, … Continue reading

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Using QR codes in the classroom

  I must admit being a bit of a geek at home, and trying to bring some of these things into the classroom. After all, we all complain that kids today have always got their nose stuck to their smartphone/tablet/p.c. … Continue reading

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Using “realia”

Every Friday afternoon our school organises extra classes for pupils who want or need them. Even the pupils who were motivated enough to request a class- prefering an extra hour of English to going home, when they asked earlier in … Continue reading

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