Using #myipad in the classroom.

@ICTEvangelist got me thinking about this article after I followed his hashtag #mypad.

I got my mini ipad earlier this year, after resisting the call of the apple for years I finally caved in.

I’m so glad I did, it has changed my teaching.

Since, I have become more aware of LT (Learning Technologies) in the classroom and I now use my ipad in every class.

Here are  some of the things I use it for:

1. I update the online homework diary seconds after the homework is set, no excuse for not noting it down ( I also let the pupils use their smartphones to photo the board, so even fewer excuses).

2. I photo the board and upload it to my other blog –, which is aimed at my pupils. This makes an instant revision resource, and parents can see what we’ve been up to.

3. I film the pupils in class and immediately upload their films to my youtube account (with theirs, and parents’ permission of course):

4. Some of the apps I love include Too Noisy – an app which lets the pupils see when things get too noisy –

photo (2)

Sock puppets, a great app for “filming” the pupils but avoiding all internet safety or shyness issues-

Other apps include Stop Go! Which has traffic lights to time activities.

Story Cubes are great fun for getting the pupils thinking, and Story maker is fun too.

I use the Grammar in Use apps to help pupils who want extra revision exercises, Boggle is a cool filler, but I must admit I think the most useful, especially for my younger pupils is Bitsboard.

This app allows you to photograph (or upload images) objects, record you saying the word, and then make flashcards, and games using them. A fantastic way to learn and recycle vocabulary.

photo (1)

5. As well as the apps we use google and wikipedia almost everyday to find the answer to some question that has been asked in class.

As with any technical resources, the secret is of course, to use the resource to fit into your lesson, and not the other way round.


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