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Time Person of the Year

Last week I had a last minute replacement, so I pulled this lesson out of the hat! Simply I asked the students to tell me why they would be Time Person of the Year in 20 years time. They had … Continue reading

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The season of giving

Hi! for many people around the world this is the season of giving, so I have some activities based on that theme for you, and an opportunity for you to do some giving of your own! It can be hard … Continue reading

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Zero prep find someone who for the start of the school year!

Get the students to write down 4 things about themselves on a card that you hand out, then mix them up and hand them back, the students then have to find the person on the card. When they do they … Continue reading

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How to “do” Shakespeare

When I tell my class of teens we’ll be studying Shakespeare this year there are usually groans all round, he’s boring, dead, old, irrelevant. So “before” we start the dreaded bard we do something else first, sometimes I say it’s … Continue reading

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Where do you direct your energy?

I was asked this question on Instagram today (obviously sending my energy into a downward spiral there!) and it got me thinking. Where do I direct most of my energy in teaching? And is it where I can make most … Continue reading

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Teaching Learning Strategies 1-How to learn vocabulary

This year I’m making a big effort to really teach strategies in depth. I’ve always felt strategies were essential in learning in general, but especially in encouraging learner autonomy and with supporting students with learning difficulties; because, as with so … Continue reading

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Questions to get to know your new students

What’s the most exciting thing that’s ever happened to you? 2. What would you like to be doing in 5 years’ time? 3. How would your biggest fan describe you? 4. And how would your worst critic describe you? 5. … Continue reading

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10 things I wish I’d known when I finished my CELTA

Today I went to chat to a brilliant group of CELTA trainees and this is what I told them… Buy shares in Google! Yes I passed my CELTA so long ago it was called a CTEFLA, and it was 5 … Continue reading

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Post-Confinement Thoughts

I’ve been using the KISS method in my weekly reflections for a while now, both professionally and personally, sounds exciting doesn’t it?! Actually it stand for Keep, Improve, Start, and Stop. Our school term has finished, and although I’m teaching … Continue reading

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Social Distanced teaching

I wrote recently about the challenges of post-confinement teaching and promised you some ideas. They’ve taken a while coming, things haven’t been easy, as you’ve probably guessed; no handouts, no group or pair work (without students yelling at each other … Continue reading

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