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Webinar review – Charles Hadfield : Creative Grammar IATEFL

Another advantage of being an IATEFL member is being able to snuggle down of an afternoon and watch a webinar whenever I’ve got the time and inclination. I’d been meaning to watch this one for a while and was pleased … Continue reading

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Essentials for Newbie #IATEFLers

The tension is mounting, I’ll be getting round to packing later today, and I’ll light another candle for those wonderful guys in French air traffic control who are bound to let my plane through later this evening! Although I only … Continue reading

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Looking Forward to IATEFL

So here we are with a week to go, what am I looking forward to? 1. Buzz & Motivation Although it’s a bit full on I just love the buzz I get from conferences, and IATEFL is the king of … Continue reading

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How to reboot your CPD

I’ve just watched a recording of Fiona Dunlop‘s webinar for IATEFL, entitled “How to access your CPD“. This, for me illustrates the availability of CPD today compared to when I started teaching, can you imagine it?- no internet, no blogs, … Continue reading

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Differentiation – What to do with fast finishers and slow starters: My harrogate workshop

This is the write up of my session at Harrogate. It went very well, although I’d originally suggested a maximum of 20 participants, we ended up shutting the door at 35; mainly because there were no more chairs in the … Continue reading

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Harrogate Friday – part 2

Michael Hoey : Old approaches, new perspectives: the implications of a corpus linguistic theory for learning the English language.  An absolutely fantastic plenary, I’ve never heard Michael speak before (that’s the great thing about #IATEFL, us mortals get to call … Continue reading

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Harrogate Thursday continues…

Bill Murphy hated his groundhog day, However I love mine, in fact I’m lucky because I will wake up tomorrow and get another day of #IATEFL. Our days do differ in one important way of course, nothing has been the … Continue reading

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A Harrogate Thursday

  Get all the info here. Oh my, where to start, seven presentations in ten hours, several cups of coffee, some lovely people and a suitcase full of freebies, my brain is buzzing, or melting I’m not sure which! What have … Continue reading

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