Looking Forward to IATEFL

So here we are with a week to go, what am I looking forward to?

1. Buzz & Motivation

Although it’s a bit full on I just love the buzz I get from conferences, and IATEFL is the king of all conferences, I like the fizzle in my brain as I learn new ways of improving my teaching.

2. Meeting Folk

I’m really looking forward to seeing some of the people I follow in the blogosphere or on twitter, such as the wonderful Vicky LorasHugh Dellar,David Heathfield, to name but a sprinkling of talent that will be present.

3. Going to the UK – alone

This is nothing to do with TEFL, but I still get a buzz of travelling alone, being able to drink hot drinks on planes and only having to carry my own bag! I’m looking forward to squeezing in a bit of shopping (I am a girl after all!) and a trip to specsavers, where I’ll quite happily pay to avoid the six month waiting list to visit an ophthalmologist here in France.

4. Food

While on the subject of the UK, I can’t wait to get my fill of breakfasts and chocolate covered shortbread, and don’t get me started on Cadbury’s, I swear if I lived in Britain I’d be the size of my house, which is why number 5. will be great too…

5. Running

This year I’m taking my trainers (again!) but will definitely use them, hopefully to go running with likeminded participants who can join me at #IATEFL2015runners

So all I have to do now is choose which workshops I’ll go to! More on that soon!


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