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A fun activity on a Sunny Day

 I took advantage of a sunny to day to present the past tense in a slightly different way. By putting the text on a bench we created the perfect way to advantage of the spring sunshine. The students took … Continue reading

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A counting game

Do you play this game with your students? Standing or sitting in a circle each student says either one or two numbers that follow on from each other from 1 to 10, the one who says “ten” is out, so … Continue reading

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3 before Me – Developing learner autonomy in YL & teens

Teaching this age group usually means groups classes and learner autonomy is essential, not only to increase learning, which in turn promotes good classroom management, but also to ensure teacher sanity at the end of class! In this post we’ll … Continue reading

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Is there Room on the Broom for a class like us?

I just love doing projects on stories that I used to read to my own children, after “the smartest giant in town” and “the gruffalo” we’ve been reading another of my favourites. The students love predicting what is going to … Continue reading

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A fun way to revise history

We’ve been studying USA history in our English class and this way of revising ticks all the boxes as far as I’m concerned: – group work but each individual is accountable for their work – seeing and using in action the … Continue reading

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Playing to Learn

We all know that games are a great way to learn and to motivate students, and I recently had was the prefect opportunity to test a lot of the games I use. I’ve already mentioned our Friday classes here, they are the … Continue reading

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