Putting Differentiation into Practice

Here are some of the things we talked about during my workshop at the ETAS conference, get in touch if you have any questions or want any clarifications.
Know your students:
•Specific difficulties
•Interest & motivation
•Social & emotional skills
•Physical needs
•Cultural background
Plan ahead:
•How can I assess prior knowledge?
•Who will need specific support?
•What learning objectives do I want everyone/some/a few to achieve?
•Will there be a choice in ways of learning, tasks, resources etc.?
•How will I organise groups?
•Will I have a teaching assistant?
•Will the lesson challenge ALL the learners?
Some Suggestions:
•Let learners record audio or take photos with their phones
•Be flexible with groups –use home & expert groups
•Thinkabout pace
•Encourage learners to create “avatars”
•Think about easy, “comfortable” layouts
•Offer choices where possible
•Keywords, check lists & writing frames
•Use images, diagrams, mind maps, etc.
•Workable worksheets (menus, 3 columns, folded)
•Resource station – support box & fast finishers
•Classroom layout – teaching zones & wall displays