To L1 or not to L1, that is the question…

Whether ’tis nobler to suffer the use of L1 in your EFL classroom or try and scrabble through is the theme of this workshop.

I’m not sure whether I have found the answer to this question, however I have discovered some valuable research into the question as well as ways of both   Encouraging English or alternatively  Effectively using L1 in the classroom.

Hopefully these ideas will be useful for you, if you have any comments, or use any of these activities please let me know, it’s great to hear some feedback!


2 Responses to To L1 or not to L1, that is the question…

  1. Nicole says:

    Hi Rachael,
    I participated in your Cambridge webinar about this topic a long time ago and I wanted to review it but sadly the Cambridge English teacher website is down and I couldn’t track it. I specially remember the “l1 sign” idea.
    Do you by any chance have the webinar or any useful notes I could read?
    I’m experiencing a lot of trouble with my Hebrew speaking class and I’m trying to find the right balance on this issue.
    Many thanks.

    • Hi! Thanks for getting in touch, I never had a copy of the webinar, but if you follow the links in this article you can see most of the things I talked about in the webinar, hope things go well with your class & get in touch if you have any questions.
      Best wishes!

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