Time Person of the Year

Last week I had a last minute replacement, so I pulled this lesson out of the hat! Simply I asked the students to tell me why they would be Time Person of the Year in 20 years time. They had great fun telling each other and it was really interesting to see their “reasons”, amongst the typical professional footballers and chart-topping singers were scientists who had cured cancer, astronauts who had stepped foot on Mars, and the creator of a new social media platform that would only post positive comments!

Once they had finished deciding why they will become world famous, they wrote the article about their future selves on this sheet.

Everyone agreed they’d have to speak fluent English in their future career to be interviewed by Time!


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1 Response to Time Person of the Year

  1. Chantal Detournay says:

    What a brilliant idea and connecting the students to future projections of themselves and linking to what they need to do today to get there.
    Students are much more engaged when the subject has a sense of purpose!

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