Professional Development for Language Teachers – A book review

As part of my reading list for my M.A. TESOL I have just finished reading this book.

I found it an interesting and thought provoking read.

The book is split into 12 chapters, including workshops, self-monitoring,keeping a teaching journal, peer observation, action research and more.

I particularly enjoyed the layout, a explicatory text, followed by a ‘vignette’ or case study in which one teacher described their experience of a particular aspect of teacher development. This was followed by a section on reflection, which encourages the reader to do just that.

Although I read the book as part of my research into self- and peer observation for my upcoming portfolios, it has also given me some good ideas about a teaching journal and team teaching.

The chapter on workshops was also very useful as I’m planning to run my first workshops next year.

You’ll be seeing my thoughts on some of the reflection questions in later posts, they seem to be a logical start to my teaching journal.





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