How do you stay healthy & fit for work?

In the holidays we don’t need to think quite so much about how to stay well enough to go to work, but with the frequent back pain, not to mention all the germs we mix with all day at school, teaching is an “at-risk” profession, with the added burden that the guilt of leaving collagues to deal with 5B for the day make us loathe to take a day off.

So, what is your secret to staying fit for work?

Here’s mine:

photo (3)


The trainers are pretty self explanitory. Not only to I get my best lesson ideas while out on a run, but the endorphin kick is enough to compensate for the hardest day at work.

The gym ball is a recent addition, bought on the advice of a physio I know.

The extra marking that an increased workload has brought on this year and the fact I sit like a hunchback meant I just couldn’t get through that pile without collapsing like a stiff old lady.

Although the running helps my back, it doesn’t get the marking done!

This is where the ball came in, much cheaper than a special “back-friendly” chair, I now sit on it all the time when at the table, and I can really feel the difference.

I also get to bounce, a little like a weeble, which is great fun!



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