Using QR codes in the classroom



I must admit being a bit of a geek at home, and trying to bring some of these things into the classroom.

After all, we all complain that kids today have always got their nose stuck to their smartphone/tablet/p.c. so what better way to draw their attention?

I started using QR codes in the classroom after attending a conference where Nicky Hockly presented them along with some other fun ideas.

QR codes are dead easy to make using Anyone who has uploaded an app called i-nigma can read them with their phone or tablet.

Nicky suggested using them to create simple comprehension exercises or treasure hunts around the school.

I just stick mine on the notice boards around the school.

I know who is reading them as they come and tell me the answer to the quiz questions represented. There’s not a great following so far but I quite like the idea of “throw away” English, little activities that are not obligatory parts of the course but just extra nugggets for the fun of it.




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