To run far, run together

Today has been a wonderful day, the biggest news is OUR BABY HAS ARRIVED!!


I’m soooo proud of this journal, especially the special supplement “Teaching English to Teens” that I helped to put together. Not only did I get to interview HERBERT PUCHTA (*squeak of excitement*) but more importantly I met/got to know better a fantastic group of people at ETAS;


Not forgetting the amazing Urs Kalberer,Teacher development chair at ETAS.

Earlier I went for lunch with my partner-in-crime, Karen Greaney; as well as being a great friend, Karen is ETAS Geneva regional coordinator with me. (I have lots of photos of Karen but she’ll kill me if I post them!)

You’d be forgiven for thinking I don’t actually have a job, but I do – with the most fantastic colleagues, including Florian;


I’m mean about him I make jokes about him in front of the students who think it’s really funny, and I’m know he does the same. However, when the going gets tough there’s no one I’d rather have in my corner.

I also managed to fit in a run this afternoon, and as I was straggling behind I thought about the popular saying- “To run fast, run alone, to run far, run together” It’s so true, training and running a marathon is definitely a team effort, when the going gets tough, you want to slow down or find an excuse to stop, then the team  pulls you forward. When your team-mate falters then it’s your turn to take up the slack.

So this medal is for my team, thank you all for being there, thanks to your support I’m ready to keep the pace now.


Who’s in YOUR team?

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3 Responses to To run far, run together

  1. Jo says:

    How do we get hold of a copy of this great looking mag? Sounds great! Jo

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