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App of the week #1

This week’s apps are about image, after all a lot of my pupils think that’s what counts. First, Sketch; as its name suggests it turn your photos into sketches. Phoster is a poster-creation app, fantastic as I love putting up … Continue reading

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Fab idea #1

I’m presently reading the fantastic Oops! by Hywel Roberts ( I wasn’t surprised to see the amazing Ian Gilbert in there somewhere). I love reading books like this, they fill me with positive feelings about my job and leave me bubbling with great ideas … Continue reading

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New Year’s Resolutions

It’s that time of year, out with the old, clean out the pencil case and the bottom of my schoolbag… So what are my resolutions this year? 1. Work hard on my M.A. – At least one hour every evening. … Continue reading

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