Blowing my own trumpet

While I feel a bit uncomfortable blowing my own trumpet with you, I must just share how excited I am about this…

100 activities xvii

My new (and first!) “book”!! Even more exciting is the fact that it’s being marketed on The Round, which if you don’t know it, is an independent publishing platform created by Lindsay Clandfield and Luke Meddings, both of whom where great help on this adventure.

It’s actually a downloadable pdf, this format works much better because basically it’s packed full of autonomous activities, so the idea is that you print it off (onto coloured paper?), cut and laminate, then hey presto, you have an eternal well of quick ideas for students who finish an activity before the rest of the class.

I thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience and have only two things to say:

a) If you’ve never published anything, then do it NOW! It’s much easier (and cheaper!) than you think.

b) I’ve already got a couple of ideas for my next publishing adventure!


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