November to-do list

  1. Write my to-do list before the 4th of the month!

2. Macmillan’s online conference starts tomorrow!

3. Oxford’s webinar on grammar & Meaning in secondary school  on the 18th or 19th November looks great!

4. I’m also really looking forward to the Paris TESOL colloquium 20-22 November, not least because I’m presenting on the Friday evening!

5. Ellis & Ibrahim’s Teaching Children how to learn will be top of my reading list.

With the cold weather and increased workload that November brings it’s important to think about your well being, all teachers need their #teacher5aday and twitter challenges encouraging us to sketch, and write are just what we need to push us out of our rut this month, along with the regular call to #connect #notice #learn #exercise and #volunteer.

Along with Bonfire night, Poppy day, Thanksgiving, Black Friday Buy Nothing day, there’s also Movember to give you a chance to give and Nanowrimo if you feel like letting your creative side loose.


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