My Summer Booklist


These are some of the books I’ve read this summer, you’ll notice I’ve added the kindle so you’ll have a more realistic picture.

Language Learner Strategies by Cohen & Macaro
I’ve read loads of books and articles on this subject for my M.A. literature review which I’ve just handed in, including Teaching and Researching: Language Learning Strategies by Rebecca Oxford. The Teaching and Researching… series is a great way to start learning about any subject in EFL, not only do they provide great introductions and background to the subject, they also give ideas for possible research in the particular area and have a fantastic bibliography so you can go even further if you want.

Teaching Grammar Effectively by Gûnter Gerngross,Herbert Puchta & Scott Thornbury.
I’d ordered this book a while ago as the title grabbed me, added to which it was co-written by the wonderful Herbert Puchta; if you haven’t had time to see him speak at a conference then do so! Added to this, I’m giving a workshop on Finding the GREAT in Grammar at ETAS PD Day in a couple of weeks so I wanted to do my homework well. The book is a great read, packed with loads of really practical ideas.

I also read Discourse Analysis by Barbara Johnstone, for my M.A. While I do find all aspects of EFL and teaching interesting, I must admit I found Teaching Young Learners more up my street.

Thinking About Language Teaching by Michael Swan is a great read, it’s a collection of his articles, which are both informative and interesting. It’s not often I laugh out loud while reading EFL articles so it was a treat to take this book to the beach. I’ll be writing a review on the book for ETAS so watch out for it.

Caged in Chaos by Victoria Briggs
This book is FANTASTIC! I’m reading up on how to help students with learning difficulties. There’s quite a few good books out there on dyslexia, such as these, however it’s harder to find useful, practical stuff for other learning difficulties and although dyslexia is perhaps the biggest challenge to a language learner, it is also important for the teacher to have an idea on how to support a student with ADHD for example or, as in the case of this book , dyspraxia. This will be the subject of my next workshop at Paris TESOL in November, but more about that later.

Not only does this book include practical ideas to help dyspraxic students but it’s written by a dyspraxic students so you really get a feel about how the writer feels.

Make It Stick was full of useful tips for me to hand on to my students about the value of interleaved spaced practice and a billion other things. Although I tell them until I’m blue in the face that it’s better to revise five times ten minutes rather than leave their vocal lists until the night before the test, what would I know? I’m only the teacher after all!

Don’t think I’ve just read EFL stuff though this summer! I must admit to being a bit disappointed by The Girl on the Train. I loved The Versions of Us however.

Like a great many others I was waiting for Harper Lee’s Go Set a Watchman, it was better than I expected after having read the reviews, like seeing old friends again. It made me realise just how long it had been since I first read To Kill a Mockingbird, so I reread that too.

If you like Young Adult literature (I pretend I’m just finding material for our book club) then you MUST read Every Day by David Levithan, the idea behind the story is amazing, I just hope there will be a sequel.

As every summer, I haven’t read half the books I’d hoped to. What about you, can you recommend me your “you’ve GOT TO read this” books please?



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  1. Cristina Bueno says:

    You are simply brilliant!!! I wish I had your constancy. You are a model for me, I read your posts with anger and I learn a lot from you. Keep being this way!!

  2. Cristina Bueno says:

    Haahahahahahaaaa what a mistake! I meant HUNGER!! Sooo sorry

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