The mysterious case of the missing notebook

I don’t know about you, but I work best with notepads. I know that my phone has (and now  I deeply regret not using) all the necessary storage facilities for notes, resources to come back to etc. but, apart from highlighting in kindle, I’m an old fashioned kinda girl and love buying a new notebook for an event such as a conference, and then noting all the ideas that pop up from all the sources around me.


So you can imagine how complete I felt  when I bought this summer’s notebook, and with all the rest, relaxation and stimulation brought on by two weeks travelling and reading up on loads of exciting stuff, how many (wonderful) ideas I noted down.

We arrived home yesterday evening and in a tightly honed and practiced manoeuvre, managed to empty the camper van within the hour, with everything back in it’s place (usually the wash basket!)

Everything that is, EXCEPT MY NOTEBOOK! I wrote notes on a few books, a couple of presentations, not to mention ideas that just came up (set a reading project for year 8, etc.), and now…

No-one has seen it, it’s not in the camper van, it’s not in the house, a whole summer’s thoughts just disappeared in a puff of smoke.

I feel bereft, but at the same time liberated, some of the notes are coming back to me, and who knows, maybe at some point the notebook itself will do too.

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2 Responses to The mysterious case of the missing notebook

  1. Joanna Malefaki says:

    Us teachers and our stationery 🙂

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