Creativity is like a bus…

… nothing happens for ages and then a load comes along all at once!

I’ve never considered myself particularly creative; can’t sing or play an instrument, can’t draw or paint, stopped writing poems for my granny when I was seven,…

At an IATEFL workshop in Manchester this Spring we were asked to make something with a piece of paper, I made this…


Young learners love making and playing them and they’re great for revising colours, numbers, giving orders, etc.

The lady sitting next to me exclaimed “ohh, how creative you are!” I had to bite my tongue not to correct her, after all; she’s entitled to her opinion.

That was my last brush with creativity until this week, when I’ve been buried alive under the stuff.

Firstly the teacherholics have been asked to edit the ETAS journal Special supplement on the subject next summer. In case you don’t know teacherholics is a group of teachers who meet about once a month in Geneva, the name came from my partner-in-crime Karen.

Then I came across the recent British Council publication, Creativity in the English Language Classroom which you can download for free, as I have done!

Yesterday I caught up on a couple of webinars, again on the subject of creativity, one was Nick Peachey’s and as I finally got the hint here’s a creative version of my notes:


As I mentioned, the British Council is full of the stuff, there’s Vicki Saumell’s blog and I particularly enjoyed Marisa Constandines‘ blog on 8 steps to becoming a more creative teacher. These steps are:

Become a knowledgeable teacher – I’m trying my best, reading her article must be helping!

Connect with other teachers – twitter I embrace thee! Not to mention ETAS, teacherholics and all that stuff.

Become a collector of teaching ideas – I have so many notebooks, pc bookmarks, etc littered about the place that I could use a new idea in every lesson until I die and still have some left over, not that I do… However I’ve taken to writing new ideas in my weekly lesson planner, so when I come across one I try it out.

Share your learning – doing exactly that here!

Remove the blocks to creative thinking – that one is tough, it’s easy to be surrounded by motivated thinkers in the twitter sphere, harder on a rainy Monday morning in the staffroom.

Practice your creativity – this is definitely new for me as I’m still not sure I have any, however as a start I’m going to pinch Charles Hanfield’s cool idea and write a poem everyday in my teaching journal, here’s today’s:

Sitting in the garden
The sweaty runner
gulping a glass of water,
thinking about Creativity.

Start experimenting and reflecting on your teaching –  this coming school year will definitely take place under the sign of CREATIVITY!-watch this space!

Make Creativity a daily goal – you bet!

OK, time to go, got to create…dinner!




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  1. annazernova says:

    Hi Rachael, great post! Thanks!

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