Portmanteau words

I love these! You know words like brunch, smog, and our favourite at the moment – Brexit!

Rather than teach a lesson on brexit I thought it would be more fun to do one on portmanteau words, there are loads, some of which – electrocution or ginormous for example, that I didn’t realise were until I prepared this activity.

What we did:

Very simple really, I gave the students some examples, there’s plenty here, or get them to search online. They chose their favourites and presented them to the class, we particularly liked floordrobe – a word that spoke volumes to many!

Next, students came up with their own and we voted for those we preferred, mine was the verb to glock, meaning to glance at the clock, especially students doing it towards the end of the lesson, as in “I knew the bell was about to go when I saw a couple of students glocking”.


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