Exit Cards

The end of the lesson is as important as the start, although you wouldn’t think that from my planning – or execution! While I plan great starts, warm ups, lead-ins etc the end of the lesson is usually accompanied by me yelling last minute instructions to my students as they bolt to their next class, still clutching the last worksheet I flung at them!

This is why I love exit cards, particularly all-purpose exit cards like these, just stick them on cards and let students pick from a hat 10 minutes before the end of a lesson, or use them for homework.

draw a mind map of today’s lesson

set the HW

how would you use what you learnt today in real life?

Tweet what you learnt

Write three key words in the class watts app

Write 3 questions about today’s lesson to ask the rest of the class

Write a question for the teacher

Write down how you would teach this lesson differently

Make a word search of today’s lesson

2 minute brainstorm/writing jog on today’s lesson

Blurb – sell this lesson

2 true 2 false phrases about this lesson

Give yourself mnemonic device to remember today’s lesson

2 stars & a wish for the lesson

Draw a picture representing something you learnt

If I was teacher I’d ask the class…

An anagram of something from today’s lesson

Describe the lesson in exactly 20 words

3 different ways to remember what you learnt today

Write a question that was answered in class today

Predict what we’ll do next lesson

Talk for 1 minute exactly about today’s lesson

Write a slogan for the lesson

a mark out of 10 for this lesson,show your teacher with your fingers

Write a three word definition of something studies today

Choose a song/film that represents today’s lesson

Write a multi-choice question about the lesson




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1 Response to Exit Cards

  1. swisssirja says:

    Thank you, Rachael! Absolutely LOVED this post and many of the cards will be put into practice this coming Monday in my tiny school in the middle of the Alps 🙂

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