#ELT Project Ideas for teens


Write a letter – last year we wrote a letter to the queen, who replied. This year we wrote to Harry, who apparently has been to busy to answer. So next year, rather than write one letter from the whole class the students are going to write one each, or in pairs, then we should get at least a few answers.

Series Club – The plan is to choose a series during our first meeting and then fix a regular date to get together and watch an episode and discuss it in English. Friday lunch usually works well, and the main rule of course is NO SPOILERS!

Book Club – This was hard to get off the ground last time as not many students could read whole novels in English and we wanted to read YA fiction, not easy readers. So the solution we have come up with is to read the book in whatever language you are comfortable in and then discuss it over lunch in English.

Whereas the series club meets once a week, the book club meets once a month – we need time to read them after all!

Weekly magazine– with news from current events and from the school. One student suggested an e-format to avoid wasting paper, so maybe we’ll set up a blog and have a weekly columnist.

Make a “how to” video- Youtube is full of videos showing you how to do anything from change a car battery to how to birth kittens ( don’t ask!) so we’ve decided to make our own, not sure on what yet, but not birthing kittens that’s for sure, maybe hobbies and skills, or learning for tests, getting the teacher in a good mood, etc.

Make a board game– This can be a simple snakes and ladders format or something more complicated, and include questions or challenges on any theme.

Charity Project– Easy to set up and run, and very motivating. The students research and present different associations they would like to support and the class votes for their favourite. Then we brainstorm different money-making ideas including cookie sale, writing & selling class newspapers, tombolas,  etc. At the end of the project if possible we invite a charity representative to come in and receive the money we raise.

Time Capsule – Get students to collect articles and write a description of them for future generations – “this is a coke can, coke is a drink that…” – you get the idea. Then bury it somewhere in the school with a sign (like those to tell you which plants are in the ground) or a map left somewhere safe – remember to include a date that it can be dug up.

This is just the tip of the iceberg, please share your ideas below!

BTW – This has been posted before but I’m clearing up my blog – procrasticlearing to avoid writing my study plans, and so I’ve just moved it here – please don’t think I’d fob you off by republishing the same stuff!)


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