Being a teacher means…

Recently I asked my students to give an oral presentation on the job of their choice. I was surprised to see how many chose to talk about teaching, but in retrospect it’s probably the job they see the most of and therefore feel they know the best – and so probably thought they had less preparation to do!

Apart from all the stuff about working 8am to 4pm and having weekends and holidays off, and being well-paid (where did that idea come from??!) they said some things that made me stop to think…Teachers must feel sad when students don’t care about their class.

Teachers need to feel passionately about their subject.

Teachers do the job to feel proud of their students when they succeed, like they would their children.

Teachers need inter-personal skills – to get on with the other teachers.

All teachers hate marking – it’s the worst part of the job.

Teachers enjoy passing on their knowledge.

Teachers choose this job because they like kids (and holidays!).

Finally, of course teachers need to be creative, patient and organised.

Interesting! Not sure I agree with all of them and I certainly hadn’t considered them all. What do you think?


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2 Responses to Being a teacher means…

  1. In terms of “Teachers choose this job because they like kids (and holidays!).” – I don’t enjoy working with children, which is why I teach adults! As a self-employed teacher, I can have holidays whenever I want, but it means I won’t get paid, so life isn’t one long holiday!
    However I do believe that teachers have to be passionate, both about their subject and working with people, and I believe that being creative and organised are both important. Creativity doesn’t have to be in the artistic sense, but you do need to be able to find ways to solve problems, adapt to different learners’ needs and make the material meaningful to the learner.

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