Powerful (and fun) learning



End of term exams and revision are upon us again and it’s a challenge to find new, interesting ways to  help the students revise.

This time I gave each student a particular grammar point or topic to prepare in order to teach the class in the following lesson.

Not only did they say that it really helped them revise their subject in depth but it also helped me reflect on my own teaching as I watched them present various subjects to their classmates.

Images & Drawing – One student asked the others to draw various objects to revise prepositions, a fun twist on picasso dictation.

Students up to the board – I always worry that this is a waste of time, but they enjoyed it and it made the lesson more animated.

Writing on the Board -I realised how boring it is waiting for someone to write examples on the board!

Names on the board – They really enjoyed having their own names on the board, in examples or when winning points!

Remember Names! – I think I’m pretty good at this, but one student did mention how a colleague always got their name wrong, and I could tell it annoyed her!

Not only did the students learn quite a bit during the lesson, but I did too!

There’s a ton more revision activities in 100 activities for Fast Finishers!

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