Story telling preparation for Cambridge YL exams

My students often find the story-telling in part 3 of the flyers and part 2 of the movers speaking exam very challenging.

I think the main problem comes from the fact that they feel they should be able to express exactly what they want to say in English, and of course they can’t.

Some of them also worry they won’t tell the “right” story.

To practice we look at lots of story cards, we imagine as many possible scenarios as possible and brainstorm vocabulary and sometimes phrases on the board, to provide scaffolding for weaker students.

Then we practice telling and re-telling the story.


As you can see the students line up facing each other, they take it in turns telling the story, the stronger student can act as a model for his friend. Then one line moves one place left and the end student joins the other end of the line, and we start again.

This way everyone can practice, it’s not too repetitive as it’s with a different person. For stronger students I give challenges such as “add five adjectives”.


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