News from the Beachfront

Just in case you were wondering where I’d got to, here’s the latest!

  1. Busy with end-of-year stuffFullSizeRenderAlthough I HATE marking ( a strong word for a very strong feeling!) getting little notes like this makes it all worthwhile. The end of the year is a tough time, and it’s important to remember what makes it all worthwhile. despite the drain I often find this time of year leaves be buzzing with ideas for September – more of which later!

If you’re looking for a couple of projects for next year then check out the celebrations for Roald Dahl’s 100th birthday , this website sends a great ressource pack. There’s also this great project involving Ulysses and the Odyssey, set up by the wonderful Justin Bell  who I found on twitter.

2. Celebrating!


Geneva ETAS was guest editor on this summer’s special supplement of the ETAS journal, the subject was Creativity. This year long project has been a fantastic opportunity to link up with some fantastic educators and learn some amazing things.

3.Working on my Masters’ dissertation

This is becoming a kind of love-hate relationship, it’s the frog in my day, and while I’m looking forward to life post M.A. TESOL, I’m also wondering what I’ll do with my time, maybe another course, although I have made strong promises/threats to myself NOT to start anything before at least January, as I’ve plenty to keep myself busy.


My, what a lot of initials! Basically this is the new IATEFL Special Interest Group on Inclusive Practices and Special Educational Needs where we try and help teachers work towards a more inclusive education for all students. We’re just starting out and busy looking into the world of newsletters and websites, but you can find us here and I’ll be keeping you informed.

5. Realaxing!


It’s been really hard for me to let go this summer, but I now realise that I can’t, and shouldn’t work all day, even if I have a ton of stuff to get through. If you’re anything like me, you’ll never get half-way down that to-do list, so make sure “chill-out” is task number three (or four maximum) of the day, you’ll regret it come September if you don’t!

One way to do this would be to attend EDUFEST, this looks utterly amazing and I have thought long and hard about going, howeverI’ll just have to look forward to next year’s edition – where I’ll be the first to put my name down!

Another is to catch up on reading (I’m on book 7, week 4), a great place for ideas is #teacher5adayread.

Whatever you’re up to this summer, and please let me know, have a FAB one!


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  1. Hi, I was particularly interested in what you wrote about inclusive education. I’ve liked the new IPSEN Sig. page on Facebook.

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