What I learnt at IATEFL 2016

There’s nothing like a few days with several hundred English teachers to motivate me & get the ideas flowing.

To ask my students “STOP-START-CONTINUE”, what do you want me to stop/start/continue doing?

Birmingham is a great place for a conference:IMG_6302

I want to start vlogging with students, I must get familiar with and use imovie maker or something like that, – any suggestions?

And maybe do a “Humans of…” series like the Humans of New York series.

I have pile of apps  & sites to check out; voice thread, newsela (which provides current affairs articles of varying difficulty), fotobabblemove note,  and tons more. A lot came from a great forum on apps in ELT, and a fab talk from the great girls at elttechlessons.weebly.com.

I have a pile of books to add to my must-read pile;


And a pile of magazines and freebies to look through;


I must download the British Council publication “Creating an Inclusive Learning Experience for English Language Learners with Specific Needs”

How to get a cabbage, a goat and a wolf across a river (and something for Monday!).

A load of great spelling ideas from Anette Igel.

To look out for EU projects like PopuLLa, CLOHE, and others.

A load of other stuff that I need to think about.

And most importantly, that “your vibe attracts your tribe” and I’m lucky enough to have some wonderful conference buddies who are doing some fantastic things:


not to mention the fantastic ETAS team!




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