Creativity: what and why?

Today I wrote the introduction for the special supplement of ETAS’ summer journal on the subject of CREATIVITY.

To help me I’ve read around the subject, joined the C group and even discovered my own creative outlet:


As you can see, it’s writing, not painting!

To answer the questions of what and why I went straight to my most useful source – my students.

What is Creativity?

“It’s original ideas”

“It’s a way to express yourself”

“It’s doing things differently”

And my own favourite, “It’s a way of expressing your personality and feelings”.

Why is creativity important in language classes?

“It’s a fun way to learn a language”

“When you learn language in different ways it’s easier”

“The brain memorises what is interesting and extraordinary better”

and again my personal favourite, “life would be boring without it”.

For me, creativity is like learning, it’s a place where I can lose myself in flow, feel my neurone sparkle like spring water and feel that I am really living, not just going through the motions.

As a famous teen once said:





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