December To-Do list

Why is December always so busy? OK, I know there’s Christmas etc. but that’s not until the end of the month, and we’ve got holidays to look forward to. I agree the exam marking and report writing can be time-consuming, yes there’s prezzies to buy everyone, menus to plan, beds to change and houses to clean for the guests (every time my husband catches me cleaning he asks who’s coming over, he’s rarely wrong!)

  1. Apart from, or because of all that, it’s even more important to feed your passion when times are tough, so once again I’ll be following #teacher5aday, especially #teacher5adaycalendar

2. Webinars are taking a back seat at this busy time of year, but I’m still busy with, and really enjoying the International House course  I’m doing at the moment.

3. Christmas in class- the British Council have plenty of ideas, but I must admit a weakness for busy which always has a million worksheets for every occasion.

4. Finally, but to be honest pretty high up on the list at the moment – TAKE A HOLIDAY! – Have a break, recharge the batteries, spend time with people I love, eat, drink, be merry, rest, #exercise, #notice, #learn, #volunteer and especially #connect.

Merry, wonderful and happy holidays everyone!

























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2 Responses to December To-Do list

  1. gemmalunn says:

    Number 4 is especially important!

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