October to-do list

Didn’t September go quickly? Already time for our next to do list. Last month I discovered the wonderful Mrs Tina Murray and her #septembersalubrity on twitter. Teacher well-being is often low on our list of priorities and I know I, and especially my family have often paid the price for this, so this school year with the help of movements such as #teacher5aday I am really making an effort to take time out for myself, and hopefully this will show in this month’s to-do list.

  1. Keep up the Sport

With autumn evenings getting darker more quickly and a flourish of parents’ evenings this month I will avoid the temptation to drop the sport by following the twitter #teacher5adayPE challenge, set up by Johnny Mcloghlin, so far, so easy but we’ll see if I manage the whole month.

2. Webinars

I didn’t manage to watch all those I had planned last month, but here’s this month’s line-up anyway:

11th October The wonderful Jamie Keddie is giving a webinar over at IATEFL YL SIG on youtube and teens, can’t wait to join this one!

I hope I can make Urs Kalberer‘s webinar at Cambridge English Teacher on Using Songs in the Classroom on 21st October.

23rd & 24th October – the fantastic IATEFL web conference is definitely not to be missed, and with two days of almost 24 hour coverage it will be relatively easy to pop into something great!

3. Reading

Like sport this is something I tend to let drop when the pace picks up, so now I’ve decided to timetable 30 minutes “proper” reading a day, “proper” is non-fiction for me! I have a reminder on my phone to make sure this happens and have nearly managed almost every day so far!

I’ve just passed the diploma section of my TESOL M.A. (woop woop!) and so I’m starting the reading for my final, thesis year. First on my list is Research Methods in Applied Linguistics by Dörnyei. I’m still fudging around my topic, something to do with Learner Strategies, teens, SpLD I think, so many subjects fascinate me, it’s hard to decide!

The Homework Myth looks great, like many teachers I’m expected to give homework and often wonder if there’s not something better than Murphy exercises out there. The great thing about teaching teens is that we can also encourage thinking, well-being, and curiosity during and after our lessons, in fact I think we have a duty to do so, it’s not just about irregular verbs.

Who could resist a title like Teach like your hair’s on fire? Not me!

For our school book club (which year 9 have kindly let me join!) I’m reading Will & Will by John Green.

4. Holidays!

Mustn’t forget that! If like me, you are lucky enough to have a bit of time off this month then why not plan something for that time? Otherwise by the time you have caught up with marking cleaning and dentist appointments the week has flown by with nothing to show for it.

That’s why this time I have booked a trip to the UK to visit family and friends.

What about you? Please let me know what you’ve got on your October to-do list!

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5 Responses to October to-do list

  1. Jo says:

    Hi there, just ordered a copy of ‘Teach like your hair’s on fire’ on your recommendation 🙂 I’m trying to think of a project for my 3e involving radios/radion stations (hoping to take them to visit a local English Language station) in October. We are lucky enough to have 2 wks hols here in France!

    • Wow, a radio station would be so cool! Remember radio Caroline & Luxemberg? I wonder if you could find some texts on them ( they were “pirate” radio stations, one was on a boat in the North sea if I remember – I just don’t want to take the risk of you saying “no, I’m far too young to remeber that”!!!)

  2. gemmalunn says:

    Hi Rachael,

    I love the idea of setting a whole month’s to-do list, think I might follow suit! I also read (Dörynei’s RMs book research methods it’s really useful, he also has lots of YouTube videos which basically explain chapters of the book if you need a break from reading!


    • Thanks for the youtube tip Gemma!
      I love to-do lists, it’s not quite so motivating when you look back on last months and realize you didn’t achieve much, but never mind!

      • gemmalunn says:

        Me too! I tend to add plenty of small tasks so the ratio of complete- incomplete tasks gets a bit higher!

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