Pay it Forward

Yesterday I had a fantastic time at the ETAS Professional Development day, the wonderful new website was presented, and I’m proud to say I’ve helped on the Geneva and Teen SIG pages.

During the conference I had the chance to do two of my favourite things;

Learn – I participated in one great workshops and got some super ideas for classes this week, for example getting all the students to immerse themselves in a detailed photo (city scene for example) by closing the blinds and giving them a few minutes to really get into the image, and then asking them to describe what they can see, hear, smell etc. (Thank you Rebecca Robb Benne). This is great as I have a lesson on using can with sense verbs this week.

Share – I was lucky enough to give a workshop on finding the Great in Grammar and shared some of the ideas I picked up from various books, webinars, and presentations.

This brought something home to me, what is the point of learning if we don’t share it or pay it forward to other teachers?

I’ve learnt a lot about self-improvement and well-being from teacher5aday and #septembersalubrity and I think teachers could not only learn but connect, and feel the benefits of helping others by paying forward a tip or idea they have learnt somewhere.

Please join  me on this and  share with #teacherspayitforward either on twitter or by commenting below.


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