Bored with your Board 2 – the babyboard

I’m actually lucky enough to have a set of mini-boards, a bit smaller than A4. Here in France kids need them for primary school and so I’ve a collection of various handmedowns from my children and their friends.

If you don’t have space/finance etc. for those then here’s the quick and easy way; just slide a sheet or two of paper into a plastic sheet and voilà!

We use them quite often in class to practice vocab and revise, some of the games we play include;

Pair Hangman – traditional but fun.

Guess my list – students write about four recently acquired words on their board, they take it in turns  to describe them to their friends – who must correctly guess the word, first pair to finish, wins.

Guess MY word – I describe a word, the students write what they think it is on their board, first one with the correct spelling gets a point for their team.

Pictionary – Students draw an image, neighbour guesses what it is.

Spelling practice – I (or their partner) say the word, they spell.

Private answering – rather than shout out, I ask the students to write their answers on their boards, this means everyone answers, the weaker ones can’t sit back and let the quicker ones do all the work, and it’s quiet – which is a nice treat sometimes!

Class Survey – rather than try and count a wave of rising and falling hands, when you ask a question to the class just ask them to write yes or no on their board and hold it up.

Writing Practice – students can do their draft version for short texts on these, easy to correct, saves paper.

Doodle – Students can’t help but doodle on their mini-boards, the minute I hand out the pens, flowers, hearts and emotions appear all over the place, but why not? It makes the students happy and keeps their workbooks looking smarter. Often I leave them out all lesson for particularly active students to draw on during other activities.

Save your photocopies– I always get students to put word searches, crosswords, revision exercises, etc. in these plastic sheets, they’re not the sort of thing you need to keep so why waster the paper?

What do you use mini-boards for? Please share your ideas!


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1 Response to Bored with your Board 2 – the babyboard

  1. joannamalefaki says:

    Hey Rachael!!
    I enjoyed reading this post. Some excellent ideas here. I also turn their mini paper white boards into posters, especially for motivational purposes or during brainstorming tasks. For example, the other day I gave them an A4 page and asked them to write down what’s cool about their classmate. They really liked this and I got to hang stuff on the walls as well.
    Great post 🙂

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