Reflective Teaching Challenge day 2 – A piece of technology I will try this year

I’m not averse to technology in the classroom, think I use my iPad in class more than my board pen. Not only do I upload the lesson plan and homework at the end of every lesson but there’s always something to google, like earlier today when we asked ourselves what the largest island was (it’s Greenland) and why it wasn’t Australia, which is much bigger (because it’s a landmass, not an island, go figure!)

I also use apps like Bitsboard and sock puppets, as well as Grammar in Use for revision.

So, what new technology will I try this year? I suppose I should say the smart board, which hangs there, miffed at being used as a projector instead of using all the great software programmes that were advertised at our training day.

Instead I’ll choose the following : creating an app.

The reason I’ve chosen this is that I have included it in the programme of my advanced class! I quite like doing that, pushing myself to discover new things by teaching them to others. The other advantage of doing things this way, is that as I am totally honest to my students (about this kind of thing anyway!) they will have to discover how to create an app, so they can teach me how to do it!

If you want to find out how we get on, watch this space!



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