Advanced English Programme

As for most teachers, summer holidays for me mean preparing next year’s programmes. This isn’t really a hardship, for once I’m not too tired to research and think up some fun stuff.

This September we are improving our English programme for native speakers. Although we are a French speaking secondary school we have a sprinkling of “bilinguals”. I use  the term lightly, is anyone really bilingual?

These pupils range from having studied in England for years to having grandparents in the States they see once a year, so obviously the levels vary.

Despite the mixed ability, and an age range from 9 to 15 I absolutely adore teaching this class. It’s not an official part of the curriculum, ther are no exams or result pressure so we can do exactly what we want.

Last year we did some great stuff with Shakepseare and Star Wars, and here is some of the stuff I have planned for next year;


Even more fun is some of the background reading I’ve been doing to prepare this course;


photo (1)


Have you got any more ideas for me?




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