Looking forward to Harrogate


All the information is here.

This is a BIG week, my birthday today, off to Harrogate on Wednesday, and rounding off the week by participating in the Paris marathon on my way home!

Yes, I’d prefer to be on my way to Harrogate at this very moment, but our head has decided that my classes of 9-17 year olds might not sit there quietly, waiting for my return, and my colleagues have other things to do than substitute a week of English classes – like teach their own subjects, in French!

So what am I looking forward to most about this week, apart from that post-marathon bath?

1. Meeting like-minded teachers

Teaching in a secondary school I sometimes feel a bit out on a limb, although I teach English as a foreign language we have other constraints such as frequent testing, reports etc.  I rely a lot on my PLN so I’m looking forward to meeting in person the people I follow on twitter and those who write the blogs I follow, like reflectivelearningreflectiveteaching.

2. Learning lots of things

I enjoy conferences and workshops for the way they make my brain fizz!

There are so many wonderful workshops, plenary sessions, how to talks… I’m double booked all conference, sometimes I’ve even got four possibilities at the same time, I can’t decide what to see,  but I will have to I suppose.

One thing I have noticed about these sort of events is that they get me thinking about my teaching, often the ideas I come home with  come from these moments of reflection, and not necessarily the talks I’ve been to (although they are great too!).

3. The extra stuff

I’m also looking forward to checking out new material at the exhibition and meeting the folk from Cambridge English teacher.

4. A change is as good as a break

Much as I love my job, my life etc. it’ll be nice to give the 5:30 am dogwalk a miss, and stock up on branston pickle and crumpets! A few days away from home will give me chance to catch up on some reading, maybe even watch a film or episode or two.

All in all, it’s going to be a marathon week, see you there! – You can recognise me by my footwear:


See you there!



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4 Responses to Looking forward to Harrogate

  1. Zhenya says:

    Hi Rachael

    I enjoyed your cheerful post! I am not attending the IATEFL this year so jealous for your number 1. Good luck with the marathon (I will be running mine in NYC this November)

    My question: Would you be interested in participating Harrogate blogger chain? If yes, I will be sending you some questions and would like to publish it on my blog! I like the idea as a good opportunity to know people more and build a network. Just in case, my Twitter accnt is @ZhenyaDnipro.

    Looking forward to getting in touch with you.

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