A lesson on plagiarism

Do your students “cheat”? Or is it only school pupils that do so? Obviously the need for a good mark with minimum effort overrides any longer term motivation about actually learning English, or so it often seems.

So today, when a pupil started reading her oral presentation (which I try to discourage) I could tell pretty quickly that it wasn’t her work. On the smartboard I googled her first few phrases, and low and behold, up came her text.

I know some would suggest not giving them presentation subjects to prepare beforehand. However I feel it’s an important skill they will need, not only for other school subjects which often require presentations in front of the class, but also later on at work.

I’m giving a workshop this week, not only will I put into practice all I’ve taught my pupils about not reading your powerpoint and knowing your subject, but I’ll also make sure I don’t print and read out the wikipedia page on the subject!


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