It’s half-term, time to take a step back and look at how I’m doing and where I’m going (as well as changing the beds and eliminating that marking pile!).

It feels like I made those New Year’s resolutions a millennium ago, so how’s it going?

1. Work hard on my M.A. – At least one hour every evening.  So, not necessarily one hour, but I have worked hard on it – and averaging about seven hours a week, I’m still enjoying it – that’s the main thing. I must get my reading and plan for my next essay out of the way this week.

2. Continue and develop my PLN. – read at least one blog a week. – At least one blog and often more, twitter is still the best thing that ever happened to my CPD. I’ve also watched a few webinars and been to a few conferences.

3. Use the interactive smartboard – at least one class per week. – Eek, pretty poor show there, I hadn’t even got the right software uploaded at the last training session, must try harder. Although in fairness I do use it at least once a week as a beamer, to show websites and youtube clips, does that count?!

4. Do more pronunciation activities – at least one for each class each week. -Ermm, maybe not quite that many but I AM doing more pronunciation in class, I must make a conscious effort to write it into my long-term planning.

5. Use music in class – at least in one class a day. Oh dear, I’m really not doing very well, again I have used more music in class but not anything like this much. For the first week back I’ll plan a walk-in song for each class & see how it goes.

6. Try out at least one new app a week. I’ve used at least one app a week, but not always a new one. I’ve probably come across two or three new things since the New Year.

So, to conclude -pretty rubbish really. I have made more effort in all these areas, but my timing was way out. I wanted to make everything measurable, knowing that is the SMART way to do things, but in fact it wasn’t at all realistic.

What about you? What are your resolutions looking like now?




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